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About Tianjin University of Finance and Economics

Tianjin University of Finance and Economics (TJUFE) was founded in 1958. Based on the economic disciplines of Nankai University, it is one of the five earliest universities of finance and economics in China. The original faculty was made up of a group of prestigious economic scholars and professionals from north and northeast of China. With more than 50 years’ construction and development, TJUFE has experienced great historical changes. It is a leading university directly subordinate to Tianjin Municipality, occupying land of 1500 mu (approximately 247 acres) and holding about 15000 full-time students. It has developed to be a comprehensive university with applied economics and business administration as important domains and seven other disciplines coordinately developing (including literature, law, natural science, engineering, education, etc.).

TJUFE has national key disciplines, two first-class-discipline Doctorial Degree Programs and Post-doctoral Stations (Applied Economics and MBA), and many professional Master Degree Programs which include MBA (Master of Business Administration), MPA (Master of Public Administration), MPAcc (Master of Professional Accounting), JM (Juris Master), EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration), etc. Its enrollment covers 30 provinces, cities and municipalities. The graduates’ one-time employment rate reaches above 96% and the University received ‘Excellence’ rating from the Ministry of Education in the evaluation of undergraduate education.

The University has members of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee’s Discipline Review Group, members of the National Natural Science Fund Committee’s Managerial Disciplines’ Experts Panel, members of the National Social Science Fund Discipline Review Group, members of the Ministry of Education’s Economics Education Committee, specially-appointed professors of Changjiang Scholar Award Scheme, experts who receive special allowance from government, national advanced workers, national teaching masters, national model teachers, national excellent teachers, cross-century talents named by Ministry of Education, and members listed in the support plans of Ministry of Education for new century excellent talents——50 people in all.

The University invites more than 170 famous experts and scholars to be guest professors, part-time professors, and external Ph.D. supervisors. As guest professors, Robert Mundell, a professor of economics at Columbia University and ‘Father’ of Euro, and Ronald I. McKinnon, a professor of Stanford University and a founder of finance theory, have ever given lectures in the university.

TJUFE is one of the universities which are entitled to initiate education cooperation and to award MBA degrees. Since 1987, TJUFE have successfully cooperated with Oklahoma City University and completed the education of 17 MBA classes. Moreover, more than 50 undergraduate majors, 24 master degree programs, and 14 doctoral degree programs are available for international students. Currently, there are more than 500 international students from over 20 countries in the University. They are from USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea, Britain, France, Vietnam and Mongolia. Of all the international students, the diploma students take up 80%. The University established Economics and Trade major for international undergraduates. International undergraduates will not be sent to study in the department with native students until the third and the fourth year. By doing so, students can learn specialized courses as well as Chinese language which ensure them have a sound basic in terns of Chinese language and major.

TJUFE has newly increased land of 1200 mu (approximately 198 acres) and construction of 240,000 square meters. The University is featured by its modern teaching facilities. The Tianjin Metro sets a subway station at the University which promises the efficient communication. Together with the hypermarket and restaurants, the University provides a fine environment for study and living.

Tianjin University of Finance and Economics

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